Bluehost CPanel

Bluehost offers CPanel on their web hosting, the most popular website control panel available on the market. Even if you’ve never managed the technical aspects of a website before, CPanel allows complete novices to take control of their website with a wide variety of management tools.


Using CPanel
A website control panel is special web based software that loads right in your browser.  When you call up the CPanel page, you’ll need to login using a secure username and password so only you or your trusted colleagues have access to it.  From the Bluehost control panel interface you can do complicated tasks such as setting  up email accounts, domain forwards, auto-reply messages, under-construction pages, view website stats, and sub-domain set-ups with one or two clicks.

One of the most popular features of the Bluehost Cpanel is the Fantastico application.  With this program you can install popular web based software to power your blog or website like Drupal, WordPress, or Joomla.  Without the help of Cpanel and Fantastico installing these programs would require the assistance of a costly technician or lots of help from your local computer geek.  As a courtesy to all interested users, Bluehost makes available a demo version of Cpanel so you can give it a test drive before signing up for a new hosting plan with them.