Bluehost History

Bluehost was founded in 1996 during the infancy of the internet and the world wide web.  Back then there were only a few thousand web pages.  Over the past 15 years Bluehost has evolved into one of the largest hosting providers in business today.  They have accomplished this feat via constant innovation and offering an expanded menu of services and features to their customers at an attractive price.  Bluehost is 100% USA owned and operated from their headquarters located in Provo, Utah.


From humble beginnings they now boast a 50,000 square foot corporate headquarters building in Utah with a 20,000 square feet data center.  All of their customer support and account activities are housed in this facility.  Because most of their staff has been with the company a long time they are pros at what they do.  Bluehost currently has an impressive hold time of less than 30 seconds so you don’t have to waste your valuable time waiting on the phone.  By not outsourcing their staff to developing countries Bluehost is able to provide first class support and sales staff to assist you.

From the beginning Bluehost has chosen Linux as their hosting platform of choice.  Because Linux is open-source (free) software they are able to pass on considerable savings to their customers.  Additionally, Linux is proven to be a more reliable hosting platform than Windows based systems.  Bluehost updates their servers with the latest version of Linux so your site is always running on the best software available to date.

The CEO is Matt Heaton a highly regarded figure in the web hosting world with many years of highly technical experience in the hosting industry.  In 2009 Bluehost hit the major milestone of hosting over one million websites.  Currently they are growing their customer base at 20,000 customers per month with a goal of reaching 10 million customers by the end of this decade.  Now that you known more about Bluehost sign up with them today for a great deal on a hosting package.