Bluehost Support

Bluehost recognize support as being one of the make or break factors for web hosting customers. It has won numerous awards for its support offering 24/7 email and phone support together with a host of other options to answer your technical or account queries.


Bluehost Support has a nicely designed Helpdesk that is easy to navigate. To start with new users will find very useful video tutorials in the Getting Started Wizard. In addition 60 video tutorials are available on topics including setting up an FTP account, purchasing an additional domain and managing your site. Bluehost also has a vast knowledgebase full of valuable articles as well as a user forum. In addition their support maintains an updated server status notification page where users can see alerts affecting systems and servers, and check on their specific server using their cPanel username or domain name.

For technical support, customers can begin by “Opening a Ticket” from the support help desk. Choosing from 19 specific topics of interest leads to faster, higher quality, specialized service. Bluehost responds to these questions via e-mail within 24 hours, day or night, but the wait is usually less than an hour. Live chat is also available 24 hours a day, every day of the week, with customers using the live chat from the bluehost support site normally having to wait less than a minute to be assisted. Personalized phone support is available toll free with virtually no wait time. Technical support and sales support is available 24/7, and billing support is available 16 hours a day (6 AM to 10 PM mountain standard time, US. All the contact numbers, as well as Bluehost Inc.’s mailing address in Utah, are all easy to find on the support site.

Frequently Asked Questions
Most questions can be quickly and thoroughly answered by browsing bluehost’s knowledgebase articles. Hundreds of detailed articles are available to help users set up and manage all sorts of accounts and site applications. The User Forum maintained has 49,047 members with 250-200 to 400 online at any given time. Sub forums include announcements, general questions, advanced scripting and coding help, and other topics for developers and designers. Containing over 15,672 threads and 75,095 individual posts, website owners and developers are sure to find the answers they seek.