Bluehost Uptime

The annual Bluehost uptime report for 2010 showed 99.86% uptime.  Considering the constant investments they are making to their server infrastructure Bluehost reliability is only getting to get better. Customers can rely on the 99.99% Bluehost Uptime guarantee posted on the front page of their website at all times. If that is not enough they also offers an exclusive money-back guarantee to ensure total customer satisfaction.


Bluehost has many keys to ensuring total uptime, security, and reliability, beginning with 24/7 network monitoring. Through constant monitoring they can immediately catch even brief glitches in service. They can also make sure that server performance never lags, and only improves. Bluehost has two sources of power backup: a diesel generator for backup power and a UPS power backup system, so customers are never left hanging by gaps in the local power supply. All hosted sites are covered by Spam Assassin Protection to ensure that their site will not fail from spam-related attacks overloading the server.