When choosing a web hosting reseller platform, it is sometimes hard to tell the competition apart. As a Bluehost Reseller, you’ll quickly learn that not all reseller programs are created equal. Exclusive technology and maximum flexibility are the two most defining features of the Bluehost Reseller program giving you the tools you need to succeed in the highly competitive webhosting industry.


Bluehost Reseller offers three distinct plans that all offer unlimited accounts and a free domain for your website property. The plans are named: Sky Blue, Electric Blue, and True Blue. The only difference in the plans is the amount of disk space and bandwidth offered. This is the main determinant in how many users you can support as a Bluehost Reseller. The Sky Blue plan offers 100 GB of disk space and 15 Mbps bandwidth while on the upper end the True Blue plan provides 500 GB of disk space and 35 Mbps of bandwidth.

No matter which plan you choose as a Bluehost Reseller your customers will all have access to the same great suite of website building tools and features that all the top name hosting providers offer. This includes unlimited domains, sub domains, cPanel access, MySQL databases, FTP account, Webmail, spam protection, website builder, and more. As the administrator of your very own hosting business you can keep track of your customers via the WHM control panel, which is the most popular tool for resellers to manage their hosting activities. Other advanced client management tools are provided as well via the ClientExec billing program.

Whether you are starting out as a first time reseller or looking for new opportunity, the Bluehost Reseller program is a great option for all.